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 Ethical Guidelines for Journal Publication

- Purpose
Ethics of the articles
- Dishonesty on the article
- Penalty on the dishonesty
- Supplement

A. Purpose

This principles is established for providing fundamental principle and guidance for investigators who submit the articles to Journal of cardiovascular ultrasound to prevent dishonesty and to assure research ethics on the bases of the management policy of registration-journal in Korean Research Foundation.

B. Ethics of the articles
Research providers who want to submit their articles should compose their articles on the base of following ethical principles.
  1. In researches involving human subjects, Research investigators should explain to the subjective patients or their care-providers the purpose of the research and physical or psychological hazard that could be possibly acquired while participating in the research. Research investigators should also state and accomplish approval from the patients or their care-providers by the WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION DECLARATION OF HELSINKI (
  2. In researches involving animal subjects, Research investigators should state what they perform to reduce the pain and discomfort of subjective animals. It is principle that procedures did not conflict with regulations of ethics committee of corresponding institute or NIH Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory animals. (
  3. Research investigators should obey the regulations of ethics committee of corresponding institutes, and committee of the editors could demand informed consent and permission of ethics committee of corresponding institute.
C. Dishonesty on the article
Journal will not be published if there is dishonesty just below.
  1. Forgery : the production, documentation, or report of a spurious result or data of the research or that is claimed to be genuine.
  2. Fabrication : the alteration, or omission of the research outcome and manipulation of the research material, instruments, or procedures.
  3. Plagiarism: the unauthorized use or close imitation of the thoughts, procedures, results, or record of other research investigators and the representation of them as one's own original work.
  4. Repetitive publication: the publication or submission of article that has been already published or is now being published in other journals.
D. Penalty on the dishonesty
If an article turns out to be dishonest, Korean Society of Echocardiography should penalize as following.
  1. Penalty
    1. Cancellation of corresponding published article from the Journal
    2. Inhibition of further publication or submission to the Journal for at least consecutive 3 years.
    3. Announcement of the corresponding dishonesty in the official website of Korean Society of Echocardiography
    4. Report of detail of the corresponding dishonesty to Korea Research Foundation
  2. Committee of the editors takes the responsibility of investigation of the corresponding dishonesty, and the board of directors takes the responsibility of final deliberation and decision.
E. Supplement
This agreement is not active before the approval of the board of directors.

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